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Pedal Generator

The Pedal Generator is a double "A" frame that clamps to the rear axle of your 24" - 27" bicycle and supports it. A roller and DC generator is adjusted up against the wheel. As the bicycle is pedaled, the wheel spins the generator. The generator drives a converter module which provides increasingly more current at 14.0 volts the harder the bike is pedaled. It's like an exercise bike.

14.0 Volts is the charge voltage of a car or RV battery.
  • Pedal Generator - $475.00


Wind Generator

The wind generator is the size of a fair size house fan. It's output is wind proclivity limited.

Directional orientation is set manually. This has proven to be by far the most durable.

12 mph = 100ma
40mph = 2amps
  • Wind Generator - $485.00

    In Wyoming, the wind generator is almost as dependable as steam.




The Water Generator

The Water Generator is plumed for plastic tubing or pipe. Same output as Pedal Generator.

14.0 Volts is the charge voltage of a car or RV battery.
  • Water Generator - $427.00

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