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High-Efficiency Precision Speaker

These are a top of the line sound re-enforcement driver in the minimum size tuned wood cabinet. The boxes are approximately cubes made locally of furniture plywood. The default stain is dark walnut. The speakers give a big clear sound from the undistorted one watt available from most short wave radio receivers. The professional sound reinforcement, American made driver is guaranteed for 5 years by the manufacturer. Connection is 1/4 inch fone jack. Audio response is 50cy to 10kc@ - 3DB. They also make good stage monitors.

At a crowded swap fest, or in an open field, the 12" speaker driven by the 2watt, 8 ohm, 1% total distortion audio output of one of my updated R390A's, is a real show stopper!
  • 12" driver, 13 1/2" cube box, 99db SPL $245

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