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Russes Ears
by Chuck Felton KD0ZS

It was at the Ft. Leonardwood MARS radio Station K0WBD, 1968. Several of us hot shot (at least in our own minds) operators were trickling in to gather around Russ our N.C.O.I.C. He was was on the KWM-2A, the Henry 2K-4 and the high gain log-periodic, talking to Vietnam. This was normal, except that this time we could hear nothing but static and noise coming out of the speaker. This went on for quite a while. About the time that our vocal views on Russes sanity or lack thereof were reaching a peak of their own, the operator on the other end gradually came up out of the noise, so that even we could hear him. We hot-shots got real quiet...that may have lasted as long as a couple of days. Probably welcome relief for Russ.



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