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ROM Estimate for Proof of Concept

Task - 10APR02

1. Design, build, and characterize two low noise phase detectors, filter sets, and low noise broad band video amplifiers.
4 months engineering-$39,680
Parts and services-$22,000

2. Design, build, and characterize two phase coherent receiving systems with directional antenna arrays.
4.5 months engineering-$44,640
Parts and services-$25,000

3. Purchase two sets of capture, storage, and processing hardware. Initiated simultaneously with number one, delivery schedules will vary.
Hardware cost approximately $20,000

4. Develop, and/or purchase and modify display software, real time three dimensional will be the goal. Considering modification of MRI display software. 5 months engineering, depending on adaptability of existing software. $49,600 plus expenses (Cost of software unknown at this time.)

5. Begin field tests, establish data correlation, identify specific signatures and spatial relationships.
7 months engineering time-$69,440 per engineer Expenses will depend on extent of portable operations, equipment to be movable by existing vehicles. Approximately $20,000, if tests confined to nearby states.

6. Estimate features, maximize sensitivity, accuracy, and repeatability. Identify and establish compensation schedule for external variables. This will be an on-going process, prediction and discovery, coincidental with all phases of development. Not specific man-hours at this time.

7. Refine signal processing software. Fine tune the hardware.
4 months engineering time-$39,680

8. Additional field tests, demo's.
2 months engineering time-$19,840
Expenses dependent on nature of required demo's. At least $10k.

9. Write report.
2 months engineering time-$19,840.

These numbers are based on a Felton Electronic Design hourly rate of $62/hr for engineering time. Hired consultants will have their own rates, some higher.


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