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Imbedded Corporate Personnel Protection Structures That Lead to Project Failure

Managers do not propose or allow to exist designs or even ideas that may lead to their being exposed as incompetent or even wrong. This evolves into a forbidden subject, a strong undercurrent that drives company policy while remaining un-discussed. Each new manager must learn the games that drive the “New to Him” organization in order to survive there… Learn what not to say, learn what ideas generate panic in his superiors. Of course, a superior’s first job should be to get over himself, but that does tend not to happen.

Politics drives engineering. That’s why I don’t work for your company or any other. However I can be hired by the hour to solve a technical design problem or set of problems. In other words, one problem generates another, which generates another, etc. A problem can be self contained, but it usually isn’t.

What happens usually is, I straighten out the mess left behind by the guys with the impressive resumes after they scurry off to their next career “triumph”.

Areas of Interest (Besides work environment psychology)

  • Low noise analog R.F., audio and power supplies

  • Precision analog instrumentation and servos

  • R.F. Power amps, FET solid state up to 1KW per card with filters, combiners and splitters.

  • Vacuum tube design

I model with my hands and experience. Design-Build-Test-Modify-Test… I’ll work with your existing engineering support personnel as well as parts, test and production. Communications failure between groups is one of those things I can resolve with enough upper management support.

Felton Electronic Design has a fully instrumented analog R&D lab where I do initial design, prototype and test.

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