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Where’s the Courage?

The sign’s appear, an affront to common sense. Victim disarmament…it’s so easy. Now the bureaucrat’s ass is covered, leaving the rest of us naked and defenseless against the boogie man apparition spewed out by the corporate media for reasons of their own.

How long would a school shooting last if a few of the intended victims were trained and packing? And there would be one guaranteed fatality. The V.A. has those signs. Everybody there has proved with a good chunk of their life whose side they’re on. Everybody there has weapons training. How many innocent armed people has a psycho ever killed?

If you’re waiting for someone in authority to save you, you are a fool. They’re too busy covering their own asses. “Heavily armed and obviously disturbed personalities please report to the director’s office to await arrival of police and your mother”. It shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes. Think of it as quality time.

Inspired by the new sign at the Y.M.C.A. sign in desk.

Chuck Felton Cheyenne, WY


A businessman, who proposes something to another and receives compensation, is bound by law to deliver what has been proposed and agreed to. To fail to deliver is a crime and punishable under criminal or civil law. A political campaign is a proposal to the voters by the candidates. An election is a signed agreement, an acceptance by the voters of the proposals of the candidates. The old bait and switch that we've been getting is criminal. The legal mechanism already exists to fry the bastards. It's time to get to it.

A very good beginning will be to enact real campaign reform with elimination of business contributions and lobbying. Being influenced by, or having any business relationship to an internationa corporation while in office, or afterwards, is treason. This will require public funding and the limiting of campaigns, with required participation by the media. A limited campaign will allow the introduction of ideas, development of issues of mutual concern, and plans for the future, unlike what goes on now. The entire system is broken. It's a sham, a carnival side show. The romanticized system in which every
person can attain their dreams with hard work and luck, what we have been told since childhood, MUST be made more real now. The energy released by empowering individual dreams on a mass scale will transcend any previous human experience. We've had hints of this here in this country all ready. This
concept terrifies those who think of themselves as our keepers. Those control freaks must not be allowed to have their way. But, if controlled themselves, I believe even they can be useful, sort of like...chickens. Of course, you don't let them in the house.

Speaking of the media, re-institute and expand on all pre 1980 legislation limiting corporate influence and number of stations that can be owned. Break up the monopolies that are strangling the people's right to know. A free system can not function without the free flow of ideas. The fascist corporate planners know this. You must know this also, and do what ever it takes to regain control of our mass communication. Mass media is the life blood of a free, interactive society, far too important to
be completely given over to force feeding us useless products and canned ideas. The monopolizing of young minds by mass production toys and computer programs designed to be addictive is the probable tragedy of our time. The first addiction, what ever it is, is the gateway drug. The corporations that push
these things are responsible for the end results, what ever they will be. But we have to live with those results. If you are still alive, what would you do to a neighbor who deliberately, and for money, damaged your children? The world must be made small enough again to regain control of your and your family's lives.

International corporations should not be supplying the military, or be involved in any way in foreign policy. Let them be quarantined in Dubai to feed on each other. In a few words, the corporation without rational limits is a species ending disaster in a neighborhood near you right now. And they grow more virulent and toxic every day that "We the People" do not regain control of them.

In order for a nation to be vital, real, it's people must be involved in the mechanics of the operation of the nation. It's not enough to quote platitudes to school children. It's not enough to draft and butcher the young in undeclared wars. A nation in which all citizens felt and in fact were involved in making the nation real would never allow what has happened here. The warrior nation, in which every man and woman is involved in living and learning does not spend three hours a day watching actors play at being morons. How to recreate the warrior nation without the war? That should challenge us all. War itself defines insanity. "Take the strong and courageous out and kill them." Madness!...Madness!

Contract with the People Party, A Restoration of Faith in the System

The two major parties represent entrenched corruption. They have both sold out to international fascism.
Third parties and other interests have convincingly learned how to loose. Opportunist politicians pander to frustrations resulting from the last batch of sold out incompetents, only to immediately reveal themselves to be the same or worse upon election." Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Nothing should be clearer these days. We Americans desperately need real control over our political and economic system. If we don't, other people will have to, and that will not be something to brag to future generations about. The international community will drag us through the mud for years and we will deserve it! Is that what YOU the PEOPLE want?

A basic business form, the contract, can be used here. The Contract Platform will be binding for all people who obtain any position or influence because of claiming allegiance to it. It will be written in plain language and be no longer than the Constitution and Amendments. In plain language, this should be enough. I propose using the resulting unemployed lawyers to police the southern border.

Attempting to enact useful reform from within existing party structure is to surround the effort with people driven to destroy it. A coalition of third parties and other interests, not corporate, can join together in a Contract Party and bind themselves to fulfill that contract if elected. At this time, there is one consistently ethical career politician, Ron Paul, running for president. That gentleman could be bound by the Contract
Platform arrived at before the election. He and others could lead a coalition of third parties and constitutional interests. We need no more "lesser of two evils" served up and presented as real by the corporate media, now owned by forces that have no allegiance to us. Deliberately censoring public consumption news for the purpose of gaining political or economic advantage is a crime of treason, nothing less. In fact, the voting machines are controlled by corporate interests! It's way too late for a group hug. It's time for the group bitch slap.

Corporate funding must be removed from politics. The pandering pathetic products of so called "campaign reform" are proof positive that Congress can not be trusted to police themselves. What they ARE capable of is selling out the American dream, our dream, the displaced peoples of the world's dream.
There can be no question that a disarmed population is at the mercy of hired thugs. Anyone who thinks that police will arrive and help you when you need them has never called them. Ask around.

This is turning into a list or a rant.

To begin with invalidate ALL executive orders, the stuff that was not voted on. It all has to go. The incoming pack of thieves pardoning the outgoing pack of thieves; this is close to the top of my list. That directly perpetuates thievery. This cannot be allowed if we wish to control our politicians with the vote, which
we must or others will. That's called loosing the war. It's called war crimes trials. You know, the stuff it's going to be hard to brag to your grand children about having supported, or not having tried to stop. Become active soon, or get ready to lie to your grand kids. That looks good on a coward; will it look good on you?

Having any ties, during or after holding public office, with an international corporation is treason. No more lobbying by retired politicians or military. There needs to be a controlled forum for lobbying that distances it from the politicians and political process. A weekly 'show and tell day' with full scrutiny by the non-corporate media, and no prizes for the politicians sounds about right.

The current "campaign" embarrasses us all. It's a carnival side show devoid of any content. A sideshow designed by social engineers to obfuscate the real intent of these darlings of the present corrupt system. Both parties have sold out to international corporate interests.


How do you imbue ethics into a situation in which ethics is counterproductive?

A given system predisposes it's participants to those activities encouraged by the flaws in the system.
Those flaws can be deliberate, an attempt to channel peoples attitudes and actions in a given direction. If the channeling is deliberate, the motivational goal is surreptitious, leading the person in a direction they would not otherwise go.

Some force is deliberately, through legislation, creating a mean spirited society here.

I saw a sign in a pawn shop that said, when you attempt to redeem your pawned fire arm, an NCIS check will be run. If you are ineligible, the firearm will not be redeemed to you or a relative. It will be sold later by the pawn shop, who now has title. It's called stealing. The authorities won't tell you if you
are on the "list". To find out if your actions will break the law you have to break the law. There was that thing about self incrimination, one of those pesky bill of rights? The pawn shop owner makes money enforcing the unconstitutional edict. The store clerk makes money ratting out the suspicious looking (To
him/her) customer. The man haters rise up like flatulence in the tub, overjoyed at the opportunity for vengeance on those that made them.

These situations to create distrust and bad feelings among us are simultaneous and current. This has been engineered. The NAFTA-GAT, waves of illegal's, criminalizing righteous indignation-we're all now-slaves to be disarmed and discredited. The law has been perverted to make it profitable for us to turn on each other. How evil is that?

Now about righteous indignation. This is anger resulting from injustice inflicted on ones self. This anger can result in action, sometimes known as revenge. This revenge is an attempt to balance the books, right a wrong, inflict deserved pain. You get the idea. Something the so called criminal justice system,
and divorce courts are chartered to deal with, but having their own agendas, do so poorly if at all. The justice system makes more criminals, the divorce courts make fatherless children, which makes more criminals. I guess they do, at least, reinforce each other.

Step off the magic Button, Feature Fetish Train,
Light Up a Real Radio and Experience the Performance

1. A fast access synthesizer is the noisiest possible way to generate an RF signal. Particularly given the general level of comprehension evidenced by most digital designs I've evaluated.

2. The cleanest way, by far, to generate RF is with a well done crystal oscillator.

3. Phase noise-once its there, you can't get rid of it in real time. Both the amplitude and bandwidth characteristics of a given signal's noise modulation are arithmetically related to frequency. Double the frequency of any signal, double the noise and bandwidth of the noise (This is physics, the best case. Reality is much worse).

4. Heterodyne mixing adds the phase noise of all oscillators and signals mixed together, In other words, your signal's phase noise, after the final conversion, will be at least the sum of the noise of all oscillators used for conversion, including the BFO.

5. At some point, it must become clear that a design goal should be to generate minimum total noise. The higher frequency oscillators should be crystal. The variable oscillator (the noisy one) should be at a low frequency. (R390 A for instance)

6. A remote cut off vacuum tube amp or mixer with a large grid leak resistor does not hard limit, or saturate. If signal exceeds bias, signal peaks are rectified, the operating point moves to include the entire signal, and it keeps on cooking. This feature, combined with the fact that high impedance tube circuitry requires resonant filters at both input and output of a given stage, accounts for the robust real world performance of older tube radios of good design.

7. In firm, other words, these magic button, rinky dink plastic, you can do anything (But you won't. It's really just about communication over unpredictable paths, not Feature Fetish.) digital radios will not and cannot do the job when the going gets rough. Their designers did from the beginning, and continue to do everything wrong...

8. Did you ever try to tell one of those so called engineers, two hour lunch, arrogant jerks anything? Save your breath. Screw 'em. Buy one of my upgraded receivers. A-B it with your SUX 6000 or whatever on a difficult path or crowded band, and "Read 'em and Weep".

Rise And Shine

It's like being born, ... shocking and painful.

If we had a choice, we'd stay in there, but we don't. We have become what the Communists said we would, complacent and corrupt. This is compounded by the unwise legal unfettering of our corporate business form. Like a swarm of locusts, it overwhelmed the third world and then turned, and returned even more ravenous, to devour it's own seed stock. Modern corporate management makes a pack of hyena's look charming and intelligent. Greed is a powerful force best controlled.

Our constitutional system has, in theory, the ability to fix it's self. But that depends on the free exchange of ideas, now less likely with our major means of mass communication owned by international fascists, and a complacent population taking the easy way out, accepting what monopoly media shoves down their throats.

The Germans and the Russians in their formative periods before WW2 were only a few years removed from brutal dictatorship. The burning of the Reichstag/ Russian parliament/ World Trade Center/ whatever's next may have different effects here in this place and time. The U.S.A. is out in front of the world for Democratic history. Hopefully there will be a little less fear, and a little more alertness that leads to awareness, that leads to anger.

And now it is time to refresh freedom. Break out the hot tar and feathers. Let corrupt politicians feel pain and humiliation, followed by much more pain, as a direct result of their failure to carry out their duty under the Constitution. I have confidence that any succeeding leaders will learn to make law that benefits us all, unlike what's going on now...

It's like being born.

Chuck Felton 17JAN03

Chuck Felton
Felton Electronic Design
18 Feb 01

What part of "Shall make no law" do our politicians and judiciary fail to comprehend?

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