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The effects of varying dielectric constants on electromagnetic field propagation are well known. How the effects of multiple transitions over a given path can be converted to useful information is not. But it will be. Unique hardware must be designed and fabricated to give us the closest possible look at the phase noise pedestal of test signals. Analyzing phase perturbence as viewed from the receiver(s), referenced in time, and triangulated from multiple passive receiving sights will generate new data. Imaging will develop over time and collaboration. A most complete picture will involve sensor fusion.

To be revealed and quantified are the phase signatures induced by various materials and conditions, signatures to be catalogued and stored. This will happen after the antenna arrays, phase detectors and servos, A-D converters and signal storage are completed. A new tomography will be born.

An ideal proof of concept illuminator is the DOC WWVB 60KHz time standard transmitter in Ft. Collins, Co. The propagation characteristics of this frequency make it ideal for looking at the atmosphere and contents over a large part of the Earth. Atomic clock filtered servo's tuned to this transmitter are scattered all over the world. Inter-lab correction data comparison might be interesting. In the same way that spectral analysis is performed using absorption signatures of materials, long distance analysis of trace elements in suspension or solution in thousands of cubic miles of a given medium (atmosphere, ocean, space) may provide new insights.

An object/conductor that passes through a condition of half wave resonance in an EM field will induce a phase spike in that field. Rocket launch and re-entry ionization trails, as they pass through lower multiples of 8000 feet in length( at 60KHz) should be hard to miss. The same concept and hardware will provide a real time meteor count over large areas.

The entire planet and atmosphere, with the possible exception of the planetary core, are permeable to electromagnetic fields of various frequencies. A primarily consistent expanse of dielectric material (oceans, atmosphere, polar ice caps, the mantle) will duct the appropriate alternating current field for long distances. Any discontinuity encountered by the field will affect it in predictable ways. These effects can be received and analyzed "down stream" passively. The earth is completely bathed in electromagnetic fields from radio transmitters each with their own purpose. 60, 50, even 25Hz power grids are "epidemic" (might be a good word). These frequencies may penetrate all the way to the core. Refracted phase shift just might give us a look at earth quake waves in the mantle.

Frequencies that readily penetrate the ocean can be used for remote sensing down there as this project develops. Think of being able to develop a real time three dimensional view of the ocean surround out to a hundred miles or so from a submerged sub passively. A submarine equipped to interpret electromagnetic fields, will also be able to receive and triangulate fields generated by rotating machinery, switching power supplies, etc. Think of it as passive electromagnetic sonar. A large rotating metal propeller...probably hard to miss.

Astronomy says that the primary gravitational mass of the universe consists of dark matter, which we cannot see optically. Well, electromagnetic radiation goes through it, and it does leave it's mark, and we will get a look at it.

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