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These Audio Filters are All Standard Equipment in my R390A Performance Rebuild.

HI-FI on strong signals in the Clear with Appropriate Selectivity.
Also includes:
  • Strong carrier Hetrodynes at 5 & 10 KC
  • High Frequencies, Phase Distorted by Sharp I.F. Filters
  • Adjacent Channel Splatter
  • White Noise, Static, & Line Harmonics

4KC LPF (low pass filter)

With - 60 DB 5.00 KC Notch.
  • Removes the above, most of which occur at frequencies over 4kc
  • Switching between the two (Flat & LPF) on a crowded SWL band is an instant education.
  • Removes 8KC BW Mechanical Filter Ring


Voice Band Pass Filter
  • 170 Cycles to 3.2 KC Band Pass
  • Picks the voice out of a noisy signal
  • Removes Low Frequency noise and hum
  • Very Usefull for HAM AM Operation


CW Band Pass
  • 740 CY to 990 CY Band Pass
  • 250 CY BPF Flat top with rounded edges
  • Minimal ring and realistic minimal bandwidth

For unparalleled AM broadcast band listening, an optional audio filter
(-3db at 8.5kc, -60db at 10kc) is now available for the flat position.

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