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Looking For Echoes - 15AUG2003

As in the Remote Sensing proposal, electromagnetic radiation is effected by what it passes through. Given a reference or two, the entire history of the travels of an electromagnetic wave is contained with-in it. E.M. energy emanating from deep space can tell us about the non-radiating contents and perhaps the "shape" of deep space.

A "signal" or group of E.M. energy may arrive Earth from different directions and at different times, and with different Doppler shift characteristics. An extensive statistical categorization of Extra Terrestrial E.M. energy can provide wildly improved insight as to where we stand (or float).

It seems to me that the interesting electromagnetic information will be observed at low frequencies either at baseband or as modulation on higher frequency energy. For the most part, the equipment to observe deep space

E.M. energy already exists. Detectors have been designed for other projects. What remains is signal collecting, and statistical analysis resulting in tomography to create a new, more complete visualization of the universe, which is what we're all after.

One thought, the detection of lightning on a distant planet will be an indicator of the potential for life. It will also tell us details of the atmosphere on that planet.

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